Talking Doge

Talking Doge

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Imagine a game that immerses you in the unusual and exciting world of caring for quirky and slightly creepy pets. Here you will take responsibility for the well-being and happiness of three extraordinary friends: two dogs, a pug and a Shiba Inu, and a Sphynx cat.

Your main mission in this game is to satisfy the whims and desires of your unusual favorites. Their happiness is entirely in your hands and the aftermath of neglecting their needs can be truly terrifying. A single unmade request or ignored desire can turn into ferocious barks and blood-curdling meows, turning your peaceful home into a realm of horror.

Therefore, it is extremely important to approach your role as a host with care and diligence. Your ultimate goal is to strive for excellence in careful for these unusual pets. Become the perfect parent to these mysterious companions.

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